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Norwegian Association of Purchasing and Logistics

NIMA was founded in 1915 as the first association of Logistics and Materials Management in the world. NIMA is a non-political organisation with 10 local branches all over Norway.

NIMA has about 2 500 registered individual, student and company members representing all fields of industry and commerce, services as well as governmental and local authorities dealing with purchasing, logistics and materials management.

NIMA are member of IFPSM (The International Federation of Purchasing and Supply Management) and ELA (European Logistics Association).

Director is Lena F. Larsson.
Chairman of NIMA is Tone Fintland.

Educational Activities --- NIMA Utdanning
The Purchasing School started in 1961, with examination courses from basic level to Certified Purchaser graduation as well as for warehousing staff and a variety of courses in continuing education together with seminars and conferences for members as well as non-members, as much as annual conferences in November/December.

Marketing Activities
A catalogue covering all courses is published yearly as well as information about the different courses twice a year. A member’s periodical is appearing with eight issues yearly, “NIMA-Nytt”, ”Logistikk & Innkjøp” our magazine which is appearing with six issues yearly as well as a yearly membership directory and a regularly published teaching book in purchasing. Press releases are also being sent out on special occasions.

NIMA co-operates with private as well as official colleges and organisations on education and teaching in Purchasing, Logistics and Materials Management.

For information, please contact
NIMA - Norsk Forbund for Innkjøp og Logistikk,
1473 Lørenskog, Norway
Tel: +47 67 98 04 30. Fax: + 47 67 98 04 31.


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